You know the old saying ‘better late than never’?  Well given that I dared to dream of owning a fashion label over ten years ago but somehow managed to bury the flame more than twice over the coming years I’m going to say that I think this pretty much sums up the creation of Delta James designs!

Being a sucker for sentimental sayings there’s another that I’d like to share in hope that you will connect, and that is ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ not always easy to remember that hey?! But trust me, it does! You see, Delta James is (part of) my silver lining, along with all the other wonderful things and people I am lucky enough to have in my life now, and of course by that I also mean you…yes you!  

Taking the time to visit this site and look at my designs is something that I am truly grateful for…

The Delta Blues is said to have vocal style ranges from reflective and soulful to passionate and fiery and I hope you find at least one of these elements in each design. Delta James is a fusion of dance, music and fashion shaken up with love and occasionally sprinkled with urban edge; cue the sneaky bomber jackets…another weakness of an 80s baby I’m afraid.

Anyway! What I’m trying to say probably very badly is, time gives chance for beauty to grow and for light to appear through every crack formed along the way, and then, and then all of a sudden the perfect time becomes…right now..

 Oh, did I say I hope you like my designs and thank you for dropping by?

Thank you :)

Deb x

....but its been so long since I was awake to see,

to fully breathe, get to know me

now its time to find out what lies beneath 

and where life will take me with these;

Forgotten Dreams and Broken Seams..