Feb 2016

As this is all new to me, I thought I would start to share the journey...

At the moment all the designs and material are with the sample makers and I'm just waiting to hear back about the toile designs, once ready I will meet and make sure all is ok before we go to work on the real designs and fabric.  (Toiles are rough copies of designs made in early manufacturing stage, usually made out of calico fabric with no finishes, this allow both the design and pattern cutter to view the garment as it will look without wasting lots of money on fabric only to realise something wasn't quite right)

I've also started to look at swing tags designs and packaging, I want the whole process to evolve around the ethos and brand nature which is why I have chosen the the collection names to represent albums and individual garments to represent songs. Therefore its only right that the packaging will also mimic a vinyl album cover! 

23rd March 2016

You live and learn!  

After 2 hours of fittings I realised that some of my material choices were totally wrong....really bad :( so now this has delayed the process and wasted money as I'm back to sourcing material and waiting for pay day :(   What did I live and learn today?  I need 'some stretch'

So here's my message to you - whatever you plan to do, wherever you plan to be, how ever much you think you're gonna need, always leave room for 'some stretch'!  Because things don't always fit perfect the first time do they ;)

August 2016

Its been a while since my last update so thought I would check in.  Doesnt time fly hey?  Even when you're not having fun! hehe

So in June I was very fortunate that a good friend of mine offered to take some pics in a local music venue for the new collection.  Shahrina is a fab photographer and really makes anyone feel comfortable with having their pic taken.  Esme was also there doing some behind the scenes bit helping to build her already mammouth portfolio video editing work and photography too.  Check out the behind the scenes vid if you have chance on the main site...

Anyway I think the shoot went really well and captured the essence of the brand, we only had an hour so it was a major rush but I think sometimes that pressure helps to keep the buzz alive in these creative situations.

You may be wondering why the hell this is all taking so long to get some clothes made up?! Well as I am trying to do this without any external funding sources it isnt easy and sometimes although fustrating for me, I have to wait a couple of months/paychecks just to get the the next stage..and thats without any unexpected pesky house bills coming in the meantime.  But I'm determined not to give up this time! At the moment I am looking at different packaging designs and have booked to go into small scale production in November people! 

Yes you heard it right, production = November! or November = production!  whatever you prefer!

Just for now though I will only be getting one or two of the designs made up as I needed to think of a realistic way of making this happen.

So come December (just in time for the office party/buying someone a lovely pressie ;) )I will be uploading garments to this store for fingers crossed one of you lovely people to purchase!  

I dont want to get ahead of myself though, despite my completely non social media lifestyle I am leading at the moment I'm aware I will need to start advertising through these methods and pushing the brand as much as possible but I will need your support too, anyway you can help be part of this journey I will truly be grateful.  I would love to see photos of you in my designs I cant think of anything else that would be more amazing...

So thats where I'm at now, until next time...

Peace and Love 

Deb xx